Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bumber Stickers & Rhetorical Questions

I saw this bumper sticker on the way back from BloggyCon today that said, "What greater wisdom is there than kindness?"

At first I thought it was a challenge and I immediately started to think of answers. "Well, there's honesty and accepting humanity, both the messy and the beautiful parts and there's helping people provide for themselves..."

You know, sometimes I think I'm from another planet. After a couple seconds I realized that the bumper sticker was asking a rhetorical question. I was supposed to answer, "Why, there's no greater wisdom than kindness. Are you silly?" But that's just not how my mind works.

It is not Sane & Satisfied to take someone else's definition of life. That's how we end up with so many layers covering who we truly are. Even something as simple as holding kindness above all else needs to be questioned.

Nothing in life should be a rhetorical question.


  1. So great to meet you at BloggyCon. I love your message (replace self help with self education and creativity). So smart! I can completely relate.

  2. You too, Robin... Thanks for your comment.