Why Sane & Satisfied?

I created the concept of Sane & Satisfied when I realized that the Self-help Industry has it all wrong. Self-help programs and gurus function under the concept that we can be almost super-human. We can think better, have better sex, better relations, have more money, more time, more confidence. And we can do all these things if we only follow their prescribed plan. They make it seem like there's a secret to life and they unlocked it. And they are gracious enough to share that secret with the rest of us.

Actually I do believe there's a secret to life. It's a long hidden secret that we knew when we were kids but forgotten along the way. The secret is that there is no secret. There is not a one-size-fits-all anything. There are no magic pills for life. We all have to experience life and live it and learn as we go. As kids, we knew that if we wanted to ride that bike we had to do it. Mom and dad couldn't learn it for us and we couldn't let a few scraped knees stand in our way. And then we finally learned how to ride a bike and we felt as though we could fly.

That's what Sane & Satisfied is.

My goal with Sane & Satisfied is to get women to turn to their own interests and skills if they want to "create a better life" or if they want to be "happier". Doing things, experiencing life and learning new skills does wonders for our self-esteem, confidence and happiness. You can't learn how to be happy. Confidence isn't really a skill like self help seems to think. These feelings are the reward for taking an active role in your life.

Why Sane & Satisfied? Because this message is long overdue.

Please read the Start Here page for a quick guide to learning what Sane & Satisfied is all about.

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