Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life & Numbers

My life has been full of numbers recently.

*Getting places on time.
*Figuring out cost of goods sold for my Farmers Market items.
*Planning my weekly Couponing trips.
*Playing Masters of Venice with my husband.

Numbers are really dragging me down. I guess I'm good with numbers but I'd rather work with ideas, images, yarn, pastels, words, actions...

Numbers are so stationary. No matter how I try to work with them they always come out the same. Numbers are there and that's pretty much it.

Numbers take the fun out of everything. You really can't have a discussion about numbers and have most people motivated at the end.

However, numbers can't exist without the ideas, images, yarn, pastels, words, actions, and the other trappings of our creative lives. Without crocheting a doily there wouldn't be the yards of string. Without selling that doily there wouldn't be the profit earned.

Maybe if I could push numbers to the back, have them come after the fun and creativity I could maybe get through a day with numbers.


  1. You're right - numbers aren't a lot of fun! Adorable blog - wished we had more time to connect last week at Bloggy Con! Hopefully we can "chat" via the web and continue to network and find new friends! We had a lot of fun and area already looking forward to next year!

    Jennie and Kim

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jennie and Kim! I had a lot of fun at Bloggy Con too. I still can't believe that was their first conference. It was so well put together like they had been doing it for years. Can't wait to see what's on for next year!