Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's tell a new story...


The Old Story

I have become more politically aware over the last couple years. I have paid more attention to what our politicians are doing. I've attended City Council meetings in my hometown. I have researched candidates and read about economics and the Constitution. And the one thing that I have found is that there are a lot of people and groups telling stories about themselves and other people. And I believe that these stories have led to false understandings about who we are as people and how we function as a society.

It's not only political groups who tell stories but businesses and marketing campaigns as well. These stories are a little easier for us to see and some companies, like Dove, have exposed these stories. Dove launched a campaign not too long ago focusing on defeating the negative message that young girls are taught by media and Hollywood. Dove answered by teaching that curves are beautiful and while being a healthy weight is good for you, starving yourself isn't. And more than that they tried to teach that your body weight isn't everything.

Here are some more stories I hear on a daily basis:
1. Profits are bad.
2. Republicans want poor people to suffer.
3. Democrats want rich people to suffer.
4. We can regulate morality.
5. The only way to help poor people is by giving them money and handouts.
6. Store bought food and products are safer.
7. Food and products are only safe if the government deems them so.
8. Humans are greedy, therefore we need more regulations to protect us.
9. The economy is broken and our politicians can fix it.
10. A small group of humans calling themselves a committee can determine what's best for millions of other humans.

I could go on and on but I will stop there. These stories are important because how we react to these stories effects every aspect of our lives. If we believe that profits are bad then the result is either higher taxes or more regulations on earnings which leads to less motivation to build companies or work harder. If we believe that we can regulate morality the result is more laws governing private actions of individuals or consenting adults. If we believe that food and products are only safe if the government deems them so then the result is that we put so much trust in regulated food that we don't do our own research. Every one of these stories has resulted in most of us thinking that we a) have no control over our lives, b) we need to be told how to live our lives and c) are going to be punished if we try to take back control.

I started Sane & Satisfied because I was tired of the self help industry making me feel as though there was always something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. Harboring under false understandings drains energy, time and resources. Just think what your life would be like if you thought that someone at work were trying to steal your job. You would act differently. You would become stressed. You probably wouldn't be able to focus. Then imagine realizing one day that the coworker really wasn't trying to steal your job. Think of the weight lifted from your shoulders and mind. I look around me and I see many pounds of false understanding weighing on our shoulders.

The New Story

My renewed mission with Sane & Satisfied is to start telling a new story about humanity. A story that tells of humans' powerful creativity that we all possess to shape our lives. A story that understands we make mistakes but ultimately celebrates our successes. A story that does not pit groups against each other. A story that says at the end of the day all you have are your talents, skills and determination to get you where you want to go. And that no one else is responsible for your happiness but you.

Most people might think this story is harsh or scary or unfair. In my opinion, lies and deceit are harsh and unfair. I would rather be living on the streets with a clear and honest understanding than rich or "safe" with a false understanding of my life.

Don't worry this will be my only politically-heavy post. I will continue to write about self-sustaining skills, yummy recipes, productivity and health & wellness. I will continue to share skills, tips, advice and knowledge to help you realize a more accurate story of yourself and your life. I just felt the need to share this background in the hopes you understand a little more of where I come from.

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