Monday, July 30, 2012

How Pinterest helps me get inspired, motivated and clear-headed.

I've been using Pinterest for about a month now. I was first drawn to it because it's more creative and calming to browse than Facebook. It seems like Facebook is filled with people who just like to hear themselves talk and not much productiveness is going on over there. But on Pinterest it's all about being creative and productive.

A picture (or in this case a pin) is worth a thousand words. I'm more of a picture, hands-on kind of gal and I like not having to read a lot to get the idea. Plus there's this atmosphere of sharing what makes you happy. Pinners aren't trying to prove a point. They just want to share great ideas, crafts and style.

Pinterest is also very versatile. Yes, it's main purpose is for pinning things you find online onto boards but individual pinners and companies are finding creative ways to use Pinterest to promote their product or business. And, wouldn't you know, a pinner made a board for just this topic

So, I thought I would put together a short list of ways that Pinterest has helped me get inspired, stay motivated and get clear-headed. And here they are:

5 Ways to use Pinterest to help you get Sane & Satisfied

1. Curating my boards has helped me get a firm grasp on my style and generally where my head is at. I am a Renaissance Soul which basically means (at least to me) that I am more interested in learning new things than I am in any one topic. Which makes it hard trying to pinpoint what my actual style and core interests are. Pinterest has really helped me organize my thoughts and style and interest.

2. I've also discovered that Pinterest has really helped me not only plan my projects but it's keeping me motivated too. After you have been pinning other pinner's pins you'll probably want to share what you've been up to as well. I find myself more motivated to promote my blog on one of my boards (I just started this one) and my products on this board and this board and also my ideas and misc. creations when I see what others have been creating. I just can't help but add to the fun!

3. Pinterest puts you in a creation frame of mind. Instead of spending your time responding to posts and being bombarded with friend requests or current friends' rantings and ravings you can spend your time browsing pretty things and getting ideas for your next project.

4. It really helps me to see how other people do things. A lot of bloggers are hip to the way Pinterest works so they design post photos in such a way that they speak for themselves. This pin is a great example of making the most out of an image. Instead of having an image of the finished product the blogger created an image of the process. And for pin viewers like me it's very efficient to see a summary of the process.

5. Pinterest makes browsing the internet a productive endeavor. Yes, you can still waste a bunch of time just looking at pins and repinning and liking but if you are conscious enough and make an effort your time spent browsing can be more productive than simply reading what everyone is having for dinner tonight. When I browse now I have a goal in mind. I'm either starting a new project and want to fill a board with ideas or I use my boards to narrow my projects down. I've pretty much got a board for each of my core interests. So, when I come across something online that strikes my fancy I check it against my boards. If it doesn't fit on one of them I simply just move on. So whether I'm planning a project or staying focused I'm definitely being productive.

Well, I hope this list made you think about using Pinterest if you don't already have an account or use Pinterest in a different way if you have been pinning for a while.

I'd like to know how you use Pinterest and what you like most about it. Please comment and share. Have a great day. Now back to pinning!

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