Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quests, Reunions & RPGs

I learn something new every day about being Sane & Satisfied. And today I learned that it has something to do with Role Playing Games. At least in part and at least for me.

I've never really been that into RPGs. The whole turn-based fighting really gets me. I do like being able to play with other people in a fictional world that you can control and manipulate. I really like RPGs that seemingly never end. Plus I love going on quests.

So what do role playing games have to do with Sane & Satisfied? I think it has something to do with the fact that even in real life we all have our Avatars who come out when particular circumstances arise. Certain people whether they are family members or just day-to-day acquaintances trigger particular strengths and weaknesses.

I just spent the weekend in a hotel with my family. It was an impromptu reunion. Normally I'm very outgoing and witty and am relaxed in the company of others. However, around some of my family I'm no more clever than a rock. They suck my energy dry and I can't think of a darn thing.

Now, when I'm around my husband, which is obviously an awful lot of the time, I usually think to myself that I should be a stand up comedian. I mean, I don't even have to try hard to be funny around him. Fortunately, I understand myself enough to realize that while my husband may be falling off his chair laughing that does not mean that a room full of half drunk people would be doing the same.

We all RPG through life. Which got me thinking: Who is the real true me?

I think that we understand unconsciously what skills and abilities we need to equip around certain people. This makes it seem like we are acting differently around them but I think that some of our natural traits are simply more prominent during these moments.

Maybe that's another way that RPG relates to Sane & Satisfied: when you don't know the real person behind the avatar you are fighting or raiding with you don't really know what personal abilities and traits to bring to the front. Most people think that gamers are trying to escape to a fantasy world but I wonder if gamers are more themselves than the rest of us are.

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