Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Final Frontier

The most important part of being a creative person and enhancing your creative ability is to be open to new ideas. But not only just new ideas. More importantly you must be open to different ideas. True creativity is born when you are able to take two or more concepts and put them together to form a new thing or concept. True creativity is also born when you take a concept and turn it upside down or take an upside down concept and turn it right-side up. This is hard to do in a vacuum.

Humans have a brain and a mouth and hands and eyes and emotions for a reason: To communicate our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, passions, frustrations and deepest desires which is the stuff that makes up ... us. And by communicating all these things we are able to help each other, solve problems, save lives, have fun and most importantly enjoy our life on this planet (and I hope, one day, that we are able to enjoy life on other planets as well.)

There have been many stories lately about trying to silence people's opinions and beliefs in one way or another. It doesn't matter if this silencing is being caused by the government or politicians, schools, or the public. I will not place the blame on any one party. But when has the answer ever been to limit ideas?

About 6 months ago a friend of mine decided to stop being my friend. We had just gotten into a heated debate during the elections and I'm really still not sure what her reasons are but I think our friendship ended from a combination of miscommunication, frustration and false perception. My grandma asked if we were friends again or if I had heard from her and I said no. She then said, "Well, that's why you shouldn't talk about politics or religion."

I understand that this rule is followed strictly by many people especially people of my grandma's generation. And I understand why people would choose to follow this rule. I also understand that their are certain times when talking politics or religion is just not acceptable at all. But how is not talking about our beliefs helping either?

I love Star Trek, especially The Next Generation. I'm not a Trekkie but I follow many of the philosophies discussed in the series. As you probably know, each episode starts out with Captain Picard saying, "Space, the final frontier." I love that line but I have to disagree with our beloved Captain. The Universe is not our final frontier. We are our final frontier. You are my final frontier and I am your final frontier. No matter how far humans travel away from our home planet we will always be on a quest to understanding each other and other creatures as well.

The only way to accomplish this difficult but wonderful quest is to talk. Talk to your family and friends. Talk to people whom you know have different opinions then you. Talk to people who are afraid to voice their opinions. Get in heated debates. Walk away frustrated, slam doors, stomp off. Then come back and talk again.

It will be hard. Many people are out of practice. It may seem awkward at times to be so open and raw. But I guarantee that after a while you will see creativity and understanding blossoming all around you.

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