Friday, October 19, 2012

Make Day

As a Handmade Woman it's a bit hard to get everything made that I need for the week. I need to make things ranging from bread to toothpaste and shampoo. It's fun to make all these things but it got a little daunting for me to have everything prepared every week. So I decided to institute Make Day when I go down my list and make everything that we will be eating or using for the following couple weeks.

Knowing that I have one day set aside each week dedicated to making what I call our Home Inventory reduces the frantic making of things throughout the week. I decided Sunday was the best day to set aside because we rarely have anything going on that day.

To start your own Make Day it just takes 2 steps:
1. List all the things you need to make and how long those things last. For instance, I know that my bread recipe lasts about 2 weeks. So I only make bread every other week. But my shampoo recipe lasts about a week so I make shampoo every week.
2. Figure out what day is best for you to set aside for your Make Day. It might also help if you dedicated a specific time. For me, I know that my husband will probably be working in his office or outside during the afternoon and early evening so that's the best time on Sunday for me to get everything made with him out of my hair.

After you have those things planned you just need to make sure that you have all your material and ingredients on hand so you aren't scrambling around at the store for last minute items.

I love having a day dedicated to making things. It has become a very relaxing experience for me to spend a few hours every week making things that benefit and comfort me and my family. I hope you find your Make Day just as enjoyable.

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