Sunday, October 14, 2012

Entrepreneur Journal: How to get organized and stay sane while starting a new venture.

Sane & Satisfied is a lot about empowering yourself with knowledge and skills to make your life work better and move forward toward whatever goals you have. The ultimate empowerment is being able to make a living by starting your own business. I have started 4 businesses in my life and I'm currently working on 3 at once. (It gets a little crazy but that's just how I roll.)

A couple years ago I started an Entrepreneur Journal to chronicle my journey, ideas, concerns and worries, tips, tutorials and anything else that I came across in order to help me be a better Entrepreneur. Even if you don't have any aspirations of starting your own business keeping a journal for projects or just for your Sane & Satisfied Journey will help your productivity and organization (and sanity).

The Entrepreneur Journal

Obviously Entrepreneur means someone who starts a business and takes on the risk involved. I also tend to classify people who are self starters and who start projects as pseudo-entrepreneurs because they share a lot of the same characteristics even though they may not become a business owner.

Entrepreneurship is definitely tied to creativity and our humanity. Humans are naturally creative creatures. We have to organize and categorize our world and create new things to live better in this world. I always encourage people to embrace this fact and use it. That's what being Sane & Satisfied is all about.

To get your Entrepreneur Journal started you can write about any project or business you are working on. Every venture (whether its just a craft project or starting a business) brings with it excitement, stress and loads of ideas. For me, I tend to get overwhelmed in the first stages and it takes a lot of energy to be able to get through it and take action. But if I organize my thoughts and develop a plan of attack it makes it a lot easier. That's where the journal comes in handy.

So when you are starting a new venture you could ask these questions to get your head organized and stay calm.

1. What do I already know about this project/venture/topic?
2. What are my initial ideas about this project/venture/topic?
3. What questions do I need answered?
4. Where do I usually go to find the answers?
5. What do I normally do when I'm stuck?
6. Who can help me with this?
7. When does this project/venture/topic need to be finished?
8. Why is this project/venture/topic important to me?
9. How am I going to plan everything to get it all done?

Whenever I'm planning something out I always go to the trusty ole Who What Where When Why and How that I was taught in grade school. That should give you more than enough information to get started.

After you've answered those questions you will probably have a whole bunch of ideas for decorating, invitations, packaging, branding or whatever else your project/venture needs. All of those ideas goes in your journal too.

Keep your journal handy at all times and use it as a stepping stone for action. When you get worried or anxious write about it in your journal. And refer back to it after the project/venture is underway. You will be surprised how many things you accomplished and how all that worry was for not.

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