Monday, October 1, 2012

Energy, Space & Time

I was surfing around the World Wide Web this morning and came across the words

Energy, Space & Time

These three words carry quite a punch. They speak of the universe and quantum physics. They speak of Star Trek and Firefly. But they also speak of what each of us strives for every single day.

We all want more energy to do what we love; start a business, work on hobbies and generally bring our dreams to reality. We all want more space to feel free and be ourselves. And we all want more time with our family, our friends and time to ourselves.

The great thing about these three simple words is that when they are put together in a magical way they lead to something much more than their individual parts. They can lead to happiness, success, wealth and satisfaction.

The old saying, "A watched pot never boils" applies to many areas of life. When we are so fixated on making money (which is different than creating wealth) or when we are so focused on finding that "one answer" we are "watching the pot" and hoping that it will boil over any second.

But when we take a step back we not only save ourselves from getting scalded but we also are then able to take in more of our surroundings.

In order to put good stuff out there you need to bring in as much information as you can. You need to replenish your brain and your ideas. I sometimes forget to do this. I get caught up in starring at the boiling pot that I forget to bring in good stuff.

Take your eyes off of the money, prestige and success and you will find that while refocusing on your passion and excitement the money and prestige find you.

Be like a Zen Monk

During my surfing this morning I hopped over to one of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, and found a list of ways to live like a Zen Monk. Leo Babauta explains the tips best so you can read the list on his blog here. My favorite tips are "Put space between things", and "Devote time to sitting".

I love how certain simple words when put together in a special way can hold so much meaning.

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