Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunday Pages

I started a new task management/scheduling system this week. It was actually inspired by my dad. I was upset one day that I felt overwhelmed but that nothing was getting done. He suggested that I clear out my current schedule and just take things week by week.

So that's what I did! And now when I look at my schedule I see a bunch of "free time" to do with how I choose.

I call this new system Sunday Pages. I started by clearing out everything on my schedule except for appointments and meetings that I still had to attend. Then I wrote down my outlook for the week. This week my outlook was good and I focused on consistency.
I wrote down my goals for the week making sure to keep it to a realistic amount. And then based on my schedule each day I wrote down the tasks I needed to do in order to fulfill my goals for the week.

Taking your life week by week is a great way to be productive without getting overwhelmed.

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