Monday, April 25, 2011

Dizzying Heights, The Greats & Gold Medals

The more I learn about being Sane & Satisfied the more I realize that the goal of life isn't to be a genius or master artist or the best gymnast, dancer or award winning singer. The goal of life isn't to be perfect. And you certainly aren't a failure if you come in second or even third or even 100th. Yet so many people set their personal bar at those dizzying heights.

So many of us believe that if we can't be the best then it's not worth even trying. This is where my head was for the last year. I'd look at all those people who already have successful businesses and I'd think, "well, I'm pretty sure I'll never be as great as them so I should probably just go back to waitressing."

We miss out on our true calling if we think like this. And we miss out on many moments of satisfaction too. When we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and finding (or perceiving) ourselves coming up short we judge and criticize ourselves. This time could be better spent accepting ourselves and just enjoying whatever activity we are engaged in.

The Greats achieve honors and awards because of the work they put into their craft. They weren't "the best" first. They had the passion and courage first and then found success. Their natural talents help, of course. And you have natural talents too. Just because you don't win a gold medal doesn't mean you aren't doing what you are meant to be doing.

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